Sunday, March 25, 2012

So after an amazing race in San Juan, I left to join a friend and train together in St. George for the upcoming St. George Ironman in just a short 41 days from now.  While I was not 100% and my legs felt like jello, I was able to muster a 2 mile swim followed by a 88 mile bike ride, fighting back full leg cramps riding up Eagle Mountain, the wall, and Veyo.  Hitting cattle crossing #1, I blew a tube and had to stop and change a flat!  Review of Day 1 of IM St George training. 2.0 mile swim in 1:25 1107 calories burned. 88.05 miles on the bike in 5:53 7750 calories burned. 1 flat over Cattle crossing. Cramps in both legs atop Eagle Mountain and the wall.  Today I was the most disapointed in myself I have ever been. I let my head get in my own way! My legs felt like jello the whole ride.   I started to question whether or not I could do this.  A several points I told myself I couldn't do it and was going to drop out.  I guess now that I finished it, time to baby my legs in an ice bath, epsom salts and spearmint, and lots of pizza and carbs.

Day 2 had a 60 mile bike ride, riding the full bike loop I felt a little better but still not 100%.  Spent the previous night enjoying a spearmint epsom salt ice bath and my roller stick.  I felt as though I was killing the course today, Eagle Mountain, the wall, and Veyo, this time with 20 mph headwinds, a ten degree temperature drop, and overcast skies!  Keep in mind my TT Tri Bike is still in shipping and repair from Puerto Rico where it was scratched during shipping.  I was able to build my confidence up and realize with my bike and fresh legs, that I can do this!  Review of Day 2 of IM St. George training.  I am listening to my body. I'm done. Time to recover and train smart for St George in 5 weeks. Today ended rising 53 miles, basically one loop of the course with 20mph head winds, 10 degree temp drop, and overcast skies in 3:40 averaging 17mph burning 5555 calories and taking the wall like a badass. It is no longer as scary a course as I first thought. On the run my left IT flared up and my body pleaded for me to stop, 7.75 miles after getting lost in Dixie State College campus in 1:14 and burned 967 calories.

Headed home tomorrow for a dry needling treatment and sports massage.  Taking a few days of rest and recovery and then will be ready to start training and tapering for St. George.  Take care everyone and train smart!


  1. Bro... take it easy... you are expecting too much from your body and it sounds like your body is TIRED...
    get a massage... 2 hours on the leg a glutes... train hard, but recover too.
    Those calorie counts are too high, and i question if you are pushing too hard. manage to your heart rate. if you are at 170... take it down to 160 and see how you feel?
    so you lose 1.7 mph, but you gain 1000 unused calorie burn, and you save your legs for the run.

    just my two cents, i am not a trainer or anyone actually but i am here training for the same race and loving every moment of this course.

    i hope we can spalsh the same water on race day and see each other at the finish line. you WILL be an IRONMAN

    1. Thank you! I take any advice to better my training and ultimate performance.