Monday, October 10, 2011

Another great weekend!!!

I have to say that I am truly blessed at times.  This weekend again was proof of that.  I was able to spend some time speaking with athletes at the Denver Rock n Roll Marathon Expo on the benefits of Marathon Energy and Protein Bars and then get several people signed up for the 2012 Colfax Marathon here in Denver.  Carlos and I were part of a photo shoot a few weeks ago to help market the 2012 marathon.  Made some great contacts that I hope with project me into a new career within the sports marketing, nutrition, or fitness markets.

Saturday I was able to speak with people that are battling morbid obesity and looking at their options to take back their life.  I love when I can share my journey with others and see that I have motivated and inspired them to do something and do something NOW!  It is never to late to take back control and get healthy.  I then was able to again spend time talking with athletes at the Expo about Team Marathon Bar and how this product has helped me to become a better endurance athlete.

Sunday I ran the Denver Rock n Roll Half Marathon and was able to PR, 1:36, man I have come a long way.  As my first marathon in 2010, the Denver Rock n Roll proved to be fatal to me as it took me down with excrutiating pain from a bad IT Band.  I was determined to make 2011 Course my bitch and I did just that.  It was a great training run for the upcoming Savannah Rock n Roll full marathon on November 5th.  I am training to PR that, as I would like to get my full marathon PR down from 3:56 to 3:30, I know it is a big cut in time, but I think if I pace myself appropriately I can do it.  Then again at this point, I have allowed nothing to stop me!  The next three weeks will be packed with 6, 9, 12, and 20 mile runs before tapering down the week before the Marathon.  I hope the ole body holds up!  Carefully evaluating the nutritional needs that I have to also help me prevent exhaustion and fatigue this time while running back in the hot and humid south.  I am heading to Savannah next week for work and will hopefully get in some training runs in the humid environment. 

 I never wanted to be one of those people who looks back and says, “I wonder if… If I have a goal, I’ll go out and set forth to achieve it. When something is your passion, it becomes everything. You put everything into it without hesitation. No questions. No doubts. Nothing to stop you.

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  1. what a great statement about passion!! sounds like you had a fantastic expo too!